Advocating For The Virginia And Shenandoah Valley Area Since 2003

At Graves Law Offices, I opened my firm because I recognized that many people in the criminal justice system need a strong and dedicated advocate to protect them and ensure that their rights are enforced and they have the fair treatment that they deserve. I have worked as a prosecutor for more than 10 years, so I have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system.

My goal is to use that knowledge to help my clients and provide them access to quality representation without treating them like just another number in the criminal justice system. At my office, my clients know that I take an interest in the outcomes of their cases and work diligently to provide them with legal strategies that maximize their opportunities for fair cases.

At Graves Law Offices, I have served the people of Harrisonburg and the surrounding counties for over 24 years with zealous criminal defense.

Bringing Prosecutorial Experience To Your Defense

At Graves Law Offices, I utilize my experience from working as a local prosecutor to inform all of my legal strategies. I know how the prosecution thinks, and with that I help my clients by giving them knowledgeable counsel and advising them when a plea deal may be in their best interests or when the charges against them are weak. You can rely on my experience  to provide you with a strong criminal defense to make sure that you are getting the representation that you deserve. I also have over two decades of courtroom experience, so you can depend on my skills as a litigator to defend you. 

In addition to my experience in the prosecutor’s office, I have also used my knowledge of the law to teach criminal justice to college students at James Madison University for seven years.

I Know The Importance Of A Clean Record

Many of my clients are young college students and professionals with their entire lives ahead of them, and having a criminal record can significantly impact your future. Between employers checking your record for job applications to loan companies reassessing your loan risk due to a previous conviction to all of the personal difficulties that a criminal record can cause, a criminal record can severely harm you.

Many of my clients are charged with underage drinking and other alcohol-related charges, and I understand how important it is to not let these charges define you. When I defend my clients, I work diligently to either prevent the charge from going on your record or filing to have your record sealed or expunged so that you are not haunted by the mistake you were accused of.

If you need help cleaning up your record, I can assist you in cleaning up your criminal record so that you can move on with your life.

Learn How I Have Helped My Clients

Here are a selection of examples in which I have represented clients and helped them to achieve their goals. No case is identical, and so I have applied a unique strategy to all of my clients cases in order to defend them.

Cocaine Distribution Case Won On Motion To Strike

During a jury trial where the defendant was charged with possessing several individual packets of cocaine, the court dismissed the charge on a motion I made, and the judge would not let the case go to the jury on that charge.

Defendant Charged With A DUI With .21 Breath Test Found Not Guilty

I successfully defended a young man involved in an automobile accident. I developed facts at trial that established that the Commonwealth could not establish whether the defendant was impaired before or after driving, and thus, the court dismissed the charge.

Perjury Case Won After Commonwealth’s Key Witness Credibility Put Into Question

During the trial, I was able to demonstrate that the Commonwealth’s main witness, a disgruntled neighbor of the defendant, had a bias to frame the defendant for perjury. The jury found the defendant not guilty in less than 10 minutes as was noted by the newspaper.

I Help Remove Criminal Charges From My Client’s Record

I handle expungements for college students and noncollege students who have their case dismissed or charge(s) dropped so long as they are eligible by pertinent Virginia law.

You Can Rely On Me To Defend You